Sunrise Saloon and Casino Missoula Montana country western bar
Sunrise Saloon live music Missoula Montana
Where the Sidewalk Ends,
And the West
Sunrise Saloon Country Western Bar
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Sunrise Saloon and Casino
1805 Regent Street
Missoula Montana 59801
(1100 Block of Strand Avenue - GET Directions)
 "Best Things To Do In Missoula"
Welcome to the Sunrise Saloon and Casino of Missoula Montana. Stop in any day of the week and you'll find something fun to do with the Sunrise.  And, of course, you don't want to miss our fresh Brick-Oven Style Pizza. Served daily. AND the Sunrise Saloon and Casino regularly offers drink Specials.  There's something good to drink at a special price every day of the week at the Sunrise  Tuesdays are usually extra special when it comes to fine whiskey. 
Sunrise Saloon and Casino is particularly proud of its Wednesday Ladies Night. And don't forget our DANCE LESSONS offered every Wednesday and Thursday. For just five bucks, you can learn how to swing country western style and two step your way to fun. Our Dance Teacher Cathy Clark rocks a variety of styles, including East Coast Swing, the Two-Step, the Waltz and other fun dance styles. Check out our Dance Lessons Dance Calendar. AND then, please, come DANCE for fun and fitness every Wednesday & Thursday at the Sunrise Saloon.
Then THURSDAY THROUGH SATURDAY: We're the place to be for great country western music. We feature local country western bands as well as traveling country western music shows and other special performances. Here's the Live Music Bands Music Calendar. We're Missoula's Only Live Country Western Entertainment venue and fun is our middle name.
Must be 21 to enter. NO COVER CHARGE except for very special occasions. We have the biggest and best dance floor in town.
So if you're looking for things to do in Missoula, Montana, come on down for the Sunrise! Sunrise Saloon and Casino: Missoula, Montana.
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Sunrise Saloon Country Western Bar
Sunrise Saloon live music Missoula Montana